How to make a digital poster with Glogster Edu

Created by Traci Blazosky

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Traci Blazosky
1. Visit Click on Sign Up at the top right corner of the page. If you already have a Glogster EDU account, Log In.
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Traci Blazosky
2. Choose which account you want to register for.
For the FREE Basic account, click GET IT.
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Traci Blazosky
3. Fill in all of your information. Click SIGN UP.
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Traci Blazosky
4. You will see your Dashboard. This is the page where you can edit your profile, account settings, upgrade to EDU Premium... or most importantly, CREATE A GLOG!
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Traci Blazosky
5. When you scroll down the page, you will see your Students. You can add new students at any time. (Up to 100 with Basic Account)
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Traci Blazosky
6. This is where your message will appear with your student account information.
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Traci Blazosky
7. The student nicknames and passwords will be a letter/number combination. This is the nickname your student will log in as. You are able to change the password.
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Traci Blazosky
8. If you click on SHOW ALL, you can edit student
names, passwords, or delete students.
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Traci Blazosky
9. Click on EDIT to change the full name of the student. This information will not appear on the student's profile page, it is for statistical purpose only.
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Traci Blazosky10. Click on CHANGE PASSWORD to change the password.
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Traci Blazosky
11. Now the fun begins! Click on CREATE A NEW GLOG to begin!
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Traci Blazosky
12. Use the black tool box to create you Glogster. Begin with the WALL, it sets your background. Keep building from there! Be creative and have fun!
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Traci Blazosky
13. Change the layout, or click EDIT to make more changes.
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Traci Blazosky14. Change the color, font style, or add a link.
Click OK when done.
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Traci Blazosky

15. When adding a Link, paste the URL in the box.
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Traci Blazosky

16. You can change the Font, Allignment, Size, and Color here.
Make sure you click APPLY at the bottom to save your changes!
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Traci Blazosky17. If choosing IMAGE, VIDEO, or SOUND you will upload the file.
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Traci Blazosky
18. When adding an IMAGE, be sure to click on the tab to add a FRAME to enhance the appearance.
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Traci Blazosky
19. When adding a VIDEO or SOUND, be sure to click on the tab to add a PLAYER to enhance the appearance.
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Traci Blazosky
20. Click SAVE and PUBLISH to save your Glog.
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Traci Blazosky21. Name your Glog. Pick a category for it and set your Glogster's privacy to Public or Private.
You may also choose to tag your Glog.Then, SAVE it!
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Traci Blazosky22. If posting your Glogster in a WIKI... click VIEW
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Traci Blazosky23. Scroll to the bottom, and click EMBED INTO YOUR PAGE.
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Traci Blazosky24. Use this code to embed on your WIKI/Webpage. You can change the heightand width of your Glogster also.